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JUNE 2017

The succession of Albert Davidson.

The new administration transited to a new ownership of Albert Davidson's industries. The goal was to keep the sustainability of the company and to continue to respond to the needs of his customers. Mr. Davidson continues to be involved in the company.

Honorary President : Albert Davidson

President / CEO : François Edger-Sauvé

450-682-9023 * 222

Vice-President Operation : Alain Pinard

450-682-9023* 225

Partner  : Marcio Sturmer

Administration and accouting  : Gabriel Clermont-Cloutier

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Proud supporters of the Mira foundation

Two great programs in one…
We are proud supporters of the Mira foundation; this wonderful program collects your empty printer cartridges. The used cartridges are then cleaned, repaired and refilled with powder and resold as a recycled product. Did you know that some types of cartridges can be reused numerous times? The funds raised by Mira are used to provide people in need with a guide dog and it’s a valuable gesture for the environment as well.


What we offer

With over 40 years of experience, ADI guarantees a high-quality product for diversified industries:

  • Pulp and Paper
  • Waste and Water Treatment
  • And more...

We also provide support equipment for:

  • Aviation Testing plants
  • Packaging and Wrapping Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Industry...